Selecting an Issue for a Health Communication Plan

Select a health communication campaign that you would like to develop in your community or city based on one of the six most prevalent serious health problems currently faced by communities today, such as poverty, health security, and communicable diseases.

Based on your research, create a 2- to 3-page report in a Microsoft Word document, including answers to the following questions:
Identify your chosen problem and elaborate why it is a health concern.
Identify how you will assess the need for the program. What type of data will you review?
How will you determine the target audience?

Write up a brief problem statement that puts the data you gather together as a problem, which is of concern for your target population. This is part of the first step in the health communication planning model.

Sample Answer

Health communication refers to the process of promoting health by passing information though mass media, interpersonal medium and events with an aim of informing and persuading the masses about various health issues. To achieve its main agenda, an effective strategic planning must be developed


omotion they show bargains, what is acceptable about their items and why you should get it at Nefit and not at another organization.

In content reference Marketing Mix: (DE ONLINE ZAAK, 2018) (Nefit, 2018) (Tempel, 2018)

Objectives and targets

Bosch Nefit objectives and goal

We accept that Bosch Nefit represents conviction, as expressed in their strategic vision on their site. They offer dependable, broadly pertinent and supportable answers for warming and vitality supply. Their vision expresses that they need to separate themselves from rivals in their market. They do this by offering great items, and a top notch administration. (Nefit, 2017)

Doorman's conventional techniques

The hypothesis we will use to characterize Bosch Nefit's technique will be the Porter's nonexclusive methodologies. This technique portrays the manner in which an organization attempts to increase an upper hand in its market. There are four distinct methodologies in this hypothesis. The four are: Cost authority, separation, cost center and center separation. In this hypothesis Bosch Nefit is sorted in separation. The system includes one or different criteria utilized by the purchasers in a market, and afterward the objective is to situate the business particularly meeting those criteria. The procedure likewise is typically connected with charging premium costs for the item, as should be obvious with Bosch Nefit's items contrasted with contenders. Be that as it may, this more significant expense a large portion of the occasions is to cover for the high creation expenses and extra included an incentive for the clients, to obviously separate. Separation is essentially about charging more significant expenses to take care of high generation costs with the objective to give clients clear motivations to favor those items over items from contenders. (Instructions Marketing examination , 2018) (Tutor2u, n.d.)

There are various ways accomplishment in separation can be accomplished. However, it is difficult and it needs venture. We should begin with high item quality, as it needs to stick out. Marking is additionally significant, individuals need to perceive your image. Furthermore, obviously, limited time support, consider promoting and sponsorships, starting at course individuals need to think about your organization. Since possibly not every person knows about your items. (Tutor2u, n.d.)

How Bosch Nefit utilizes this procedure