Soft Skills

Write a two-page (minimum) to three-page (maximum) research paper on soft skills/transferable skills/professional skills in the workplace. This does NOT include your title page or your works cited page

Steven Seagal once stated, “I’ve constantly attempted to keep away from governmental issues, on the grounds that most lawmakers that I know are very messy as far as human pride, morals, and ethics.” Unlike Seagal, Creon builds up those political guidelines without thinking about ethics, morals, and poise.

Sophocles’ Antigone underlines the outcomes of a ruler’s maltreatment of intensity, uncovering how force ought to fittingly be utilized. Creon’s requirement for power makes him disregard a strict custom, lose his association with his child, and furthermore his family. Creon’s activities show how his fixation on power causes him hardships and in the end prompts his destruction.

Creon’s declaration conflicts with the laws of the divine beings and the strict convictions of Greeks He challenges the custom of internment ceremonies for the dead. He accepts that he should make a point with this declaration to demonstrate he is an amazing pioneer. By this, he trusts that the residents will comprehend that they should maintain the laws or they will be rebuffed correspondingly to Polyneices. Not covering the dead is viewed as an indication of irreverence, which is the reason Antigone contradicts Creon so unequivocally. She says, “You’ve settled on your decision, however I will cover him. I will invite demise in doing it (Sophocles 4).” Antigone is happy to pass on to ensure her sibling is covered so he can might be appropriately regarded. A strict custom that holds a plentifulness of significance is dismissed in Creon’s fixation to demonstrate to his kin that he is a fit ruler. Being covered is viewed as a method for intersection to the black market, where that individual’s spirit might be very still. On the off chance that Polyneices isn’t covered, his spirit would anxiously meander the earth. Antigone needs to battle for her sibling with the goal that he might find a sense of contentment in death and not keep on enduring after he’s kicked the bucket.

An outcome of Creon’s maltreatment of intensity is the separation he makes between his child and him. Creon disregards any exhortation he gets from his child just as the visually impaired man. Before Creon regards his child’s admonition, Haemon tells his dad, “In every case still, my dad. Furthermore, I am as yet your child. I am guided by the knowledge of your judgment. No marriage can exceed the value of your great government (Sophocles 26).” This obliviousness harms his association with his child. When Haemon murders himself, he is acting without caring what his dad thinks or feels. In light of Creon’s fixation on power, he has lost his association with his child, who never again admires him as a good example. Someone else who endeavors to give Creon meeting is the visually impaired man, Tiresias. The visually impaired man can “see more” than Creon can and is an image for how Creon’s desire for power blinds him to the results of his activities and the feelings of others. Tiresias realizes that Creon is violating his place as a ruler and that he will endure as a result of his activities in the event that he doesn’t stop.

Another outcome of Creon’s desire for power is that he loses his family. His better half is so distressed after their child slaughters himself, that she additionally ends her life. Creon is left without a family lastly understands the impacts of his long for power. He comprehends that he has taken things excessively far, yet has no chance to get of turning around his activities or the impact they had on the individuals around him. He should live with the consequence of his conduct. At the point when he results in these present circumstances acknowledgment, he says, “It is my blame, What survives from me is nothing (Sophocles 57).” He left with only the blame of his activities and must keep on living with this regret.

Creon’s requirement for power makes him disregard a strict convention, lose his association with his child, and furthermore his family. In Sophocles’ Antigone, the outcomes of a ruler’s maltreatment of intensity are looked into, uncovering how force ought to accurately be utilized. Creon endures as a result of his desire for power, including losing his family and disregarding a sacrosanct custom, which causes his downfal