Theories in Health Promotion

Choose one of the Theoretical Models Below. Summarize the model and describe it's impact on nursing practice Minimum 300 words. Transtheoretical -- Penders Health Promotion Model -- Milios Prevention Model -- Health Belief Model -

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Health promotion utilizes theories and models to guide practice. (Merriam,2016) defines a theory as the general principles of a framework of ideas in regards to a particular topic while on the hand gives meaning to a model as a set plan of action based on theoretical ideas to achieve a set goal. A distinction is made between a theory and a model in the sense that a theory is related to evidence-based knowledge and a model is built on this knowledge although it is presented as a process to reach certain targets. This essay will look at the model in nursing practice and its impacts herein.

ng is the Social Norm in North America, especially in the Hospitality industry.
This Idea paper will analyze the trend about tipping in North America, and the social factors mainly involved when it comes to customer tipping, this paper will consist of a thorough analysis of this social trend combining surveys and interviews to restaurants in the city of Vancouver that will hopefully support the norm of tipping in North America.

Tipping is the Social Norm

Eating out is more than just a food and beverage, it is about the total experience that comes with it when dining in a casual or a fine dining restaurant.
Tipping has been a social norm in North America and it is common in many other occupations and countries around the world.
Tipping has been a part of food and beverage since most people nowadays eat out to enjoy and pay for good service, there are some factors that determine how a customer tips the employee after the service is done.
The main factors are Social Psychological effects in both negative and a positive way.
Negative: People who are not tipping might result in Psychological disutility due to embarrassment, guilt, and unfairness. Some people may seem they are being unfair to the server who provided the service, especially when they are expecting a tip as this is the major source of their income.
Positive: For the people who tip, it allows them to impress other people, improve a self-image by being kind and generous.
Tipping is consumer behavior, encouraging the server to improve the service quality he/she provides.

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