Three things you would try to do in your sales pitch.

Imagine you’re preparing to recruit someone to be part of your team. Name three things you would try to do in your sales pitch. Why do YOU think those things would help you land your recruit?
2.Why is it important to make sure you have a balanced team? What can happen if you have too many people with the same strengths or weaknesses?
3. Find a poorly designed PowerPoint slideshow and share it here. Give a short summary that identifies the problems and make suggestions on what would improve the design. (provide the link)
4.Think about a situation in which a presenter had a significant impact on you. Describe the situation and analyze why the presenter was able to make such a strong connection with the audience.

Sample Solution

recisions and convictions may be perilously tricky in the event that they are acknowledged as aides without a basic assessment. Subsequently, Popper contends that; the quest for accuracy is proportionate to the quest for surenesses, and both ought to be relinquished.

Fundamental Statements gain logical ground conceivable: Secondly, essential explanations are the usefulness of logical advancement that is, they are what gain logical ground conceivable. As per Popper; science is the mission for certifiable theories and basic clarifications expect the piece of rejecting, getting rid of and censuring bogus hypotheses; right now the analysts to convey new theories which may stand up to these tests.

The clarification of the above articulation is that fundamental explanations challenge the researchers to enhance their speculations with the end goal that the researchers will come closer to reality. Besides, Karl Popper gives a few conditions which must be satisfied for any announcements to be essential:

Conditions to be satisfied for any announcement to be fundamental

First condition: The principal condition is that; for any announcements to be an essential articulation, such an announcement must express the presence of noticeable realities inside explicit area. For example, the declaration: “it is showering at Bodija Market in Ibadan.” According to Karl Popper, such a declaration is known as a specific existential announcement or single observational clarification.”

Second condition: According to Karl Popper the subsequent condition is this; “the combination of a major enunciation to another declaration which isn’t basic offers climbs to principal decree if they don’t brilliantly revoke one another” is a fundamental explanation. This can be communicated emblematically: given a hypothesis ‘t’ conjoined with an announcement of starting condition ‘r’ from which an expectation ‘p’ can be inferred. It follows that r.p will be potential falsifier of ‘t’ and essential articulation. Since (t.r)>p, at that point t>(r>p), that is, t > ‘(r. ‘p).

Third condition: The third condition to be satisfied is that, for any announcements to be essential; such an announcement should nor be a disjunctive articulation nor a restrictive proclamation. Take for example the unexpected enunciation ‘r ‘ p’ for example ‘if r then p’, isn’t any more fundamental than the in