FINANCIAL GAINS Identify potential profit levels and other measures of financial success for this global business operation. (Commonly considered measurements of financial success include profits, return on investment, market share, sales growth.)
• ECONOMIC BENEFITS Discuss positive economic contributions that this business operation might have for the host country. (Economic benefits may include improved infrastructure, creation of jobs, more efficient use of natural resources, or increased personal income.)
• SOCIAL BENEFITS Determine improvements to the country’s society that might result from the company’s global business activities. (Positive social results might include improved employee training, expanded health care and other benefits for workers, or additional housing facilities.)
• SOCIAL COSTS Describe the potential drawbacks for the host country that might result from this business venture. (Social costs of global business operations may include pollution, reduction in natural resources, or changes in traditions.)

Sample Answer


press and build up an increasingly level playing field in political announcing. It tends to be contended this was accomplished for an extremely brief period, and undermined New Labor to such an extent, that since 2010, it has been just progressively hard for Labor in the media and Labor government officials, for example, Ed Milliband and Jeremy Corbyn have been put on preliminary as people definitely more forcefully than even Michael Foot.

To finish up, New Labor's methodology to attempt to control the press to their advantage was generally confused, fumbled and eventually harming to Blair's organization and the legislators that encompassed the media the board venture. The connection between the Party and the press became to hard to control, when such a large number of complex variables are having an effect on everything. Obviously "on an individual level, a definitive point of any legislators in managing the media is to get themselves and their message depicted in a positive light," notwithstanding, the manner by which New Labor endeavored to remain reliably one stage in front of the wild sequence of media reports was unsustainable. (Grayson, 2010). In any case, the approach of 'turn', yet generally imperfect, can be comprehended when taking a gander at the situation of the Labor Party having gone through 18 years in resistance. It was essential to the underlying achievements of New Labor in modernizing and rivaling the Conservative party and the extensively right-inclining British press. In excess of an advertising devise, 'New Labor' was and is a political creation, and the stage that 'turn' impelled the New Labor on to was enormously imperative to verifying two progressive Labor governments in 1997 and afterward 2007. (Chadwick and Heffernan, 2003). However, it can't be overlooked that "the validity of every single ideological group rises debilitated from the new work venture," and from such statures there was an incredible fall. (Faucher-King and Le Gales, 2010). 'Turn' may have appeared the main choice, yet the degree of endeavored media control, the people capable and the idea of the press, left the New Labor venture undermined and fract