March 21, 2020

“Homicide Bombers”

  Describe your understanding?
March 21, 2020

Preconditions of terrorism?

  What are some of the preconditions of terrorism? What are some of the countries where conditions are fertile to develop terrorists? What are some recent […]
March 21, 2020

“Precipitants Are Not Preconditions”

  What does this mean: “Precipitants Are Not Preconditions”:
March 21, 2020

People Culture and the Middle East

  You have been hired as a consultant for Senator A’s presidential campaign (because you are taking the Peoples and Cultures of the Middle East class!). […]
March 21, 2020

Frida Kahlo

  Frida Kahlo famously declared she was not a Surrealist, stating “they thought I was a Surrealist, but I wasn’t. I never painted dreams. I painted […]
March 21, 2020

Environmental Concerns

  Discuss one specific issue of concern related to New York City and the environment. Justify your choice WEBSITE FOR SOURCE
March 21, 2020

End to war

  Write a Persuasive speech against war using pathos, ethos and logos
March 21, 2020

Ethic Proposal

Create a proposal that references 1 scholarly source for the research project you intend to complete. 1.Locate and describe a central controversy that requires deft and […]
March 20, 2020

“Psychology of Terrorism”

  Illustrate some recent events that connect to this topic?