November 25, 2021

Media and Victimization

    This week’s required readings discuss crime victims’ participation in the criminal justice system and the impact that it has on the victim. Contemporary victimization […]
November 25, 2021

History of Juvenile Justice

    While on routine patrol for the Any Town Police Department you notice a group of what appears be three underage male teenage kids and […]
November 27, 2021

A sexual assault

  Describe what a sexual assault is. Explain the elements needed during an investigation to determine if a person was a victim of a sexual assault […]
November 28, 2021

Sexual harassment in the workplace

    Search for and locate a recent court case or lawsuit related to sexual harassment in the workplace. Then, conduct a case study in which […]
November 28, 2021

Police Brutality Against minorities

      Introduce with a revised/edited version of the problem statement List the major steps of the research plan. They should include the following: A […]
November 30, 2021

Criminological Theory

  In a 3–4 page paper (excluding title and reference pages), summarize and provide an example of how biological, sociological, and psychological theories of crime causation […]
November 30, 2021

How biological, sociological, and psychological theories cause crime

Discuss how biological, sociological, and psychological theories can have an effect on the causation of crime. Do you think that biological, sociological, and psychological theories are […]
December 4, 2021

Juvenile sex offenders

      Juvenile sex offenders are a unique subset of sex offenders within the correctional system. What makes them unique are the circumstances surrounding their […]
December 4, 2021


      Locate current crime statistics in your area for one of the offenses: • Contact offense against child • Non-contact offense against a child […]
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